"Student's Struggle Must Not Die"

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Aluta gyrations'20 by Olamilekan Idris; A reminder that the student's struggle must not die!

By Owolabi AKA Omobabaijebu
It is no longer a news that Aluta gyrations'20 by olamilekan Idris is out and available for download at different online platforms, let me start by congratulating you on this big project you have been  able to achieve.  May the spirit of our leaders be with you and grant you success in your future pursuit.
The first verse talked about fighting our oppressors, and truly we are still fighting. The student faculty have faced a lot of intimidation from our oppressors across Nigeria which reminds me of 2013/2014 when comrade stainless lead students to protest against the tyrannical government of ogun state. 

He demanded for good welfarism of the students and the interference of the state government in the election of NANS Ogun JJC axis should be stopped. we saw ex-student leaders supporting our oppressor and subverted the will of the people. 
Truth is our oppressors are killing the spirit of unionism from choosing who they like to under funding the Student's Union Government and also using former student leaders to fight the current union leaders also let it be read here that we will never forget their deeds. 
Do we still have union leaders ? This is the question on the lips of  every student in Nigeria, but to be Frank with you, I think the student unionism have lost it and people don't find it interesting.what you need to do is to know people in power even without elections you can be crowned the winner. 
Not to bore you with talks, the 'Aluta Gyration' is what every aspiring leader or every leader should download, I think this will help us remember where we are coming from and what is needed to be done and how we can become a great leader. 
"I love gyrations I no go lie" I love this one also and I want to charge all other union leaders to give us something like this , please give us something that will take us back to history, story of our courageous leaders who were killed and those who have betrayed the student struggle.
On the part of my brother Alimi, history will be kind to him and others who have teamed up to produce this track and honestly they brought back old memories. 
It's my prayer that the keke of aluta will never fail you.